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MassLandlords is the landlord trade association for Massachusetts. We have lease agreements, eviction notices, and every other kind of landlord help you need.

Membership is open to anyone who rents property, however large or small, and those who can help landlords, like attorneys and contractors. Each membership supports better landlord-tenant laws.


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Judge William Abrashkin Shares Perspective on Public Service

Judge William “Hank” Abrashkin shared his perspective on a lifetime of public service at the MassLandlords Longmeadow event on February 8. “Public service doesn’t mean sacrifice,” Judge Abrashkin said. MassLandlords marketing for the event had called him a celebrity, in reference to his decision as Executive Director of the Springfield…

New “Benefits Drip” Email Series for Members

In February we completed two important email upgrades. The first is the creation of a new “Benefits Drip,” which is an email series that runs at most biweekly. It will remind us all of the many benefits of membership. (The second email upgrade we completed is something only tech folks…

How Members Save on Paint at Home Depot

Members save 20% off paint gallons and up, no matter how much or how little we buy. We’re also eligible for special consideration on purchases of non-paint totaling over $1,000 or $8,000. Members who have already registered should take note: if your business cards have changed, it may be time…


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