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Tenant Right of First Refusal: Details of MA Proposal, Comparison with DC TOPA

The tenant right of first refusal proposed by Representative Provost in H.3017 and discussed in Cambridge and Somerville is similar to Washington D.C.’s 1980 “Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act” (TOPA), but corrects several issues and creates additional challenges. District of Columbia’s Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) The Washington D.C.…

Tenant Right of First Refusal: An Essay on the Merits and Shortcomings as Public Policy

The stated purpose of a tenant right of first refusal and H.3017 was to maintain affordable housing and prevent tenant displacement. This in-depth essay considers the shortcomings primarily from a tenant-advocacy point-of-view, which we believe will be a novel contribution to the public discourse. We will end characteristically with owner…

Heat Pumps Now Cheaper Per BTU Than Natural Gas

We all know electric resistance heat is very expensive. In Massachusetts, the average utility rate is 19.6 cents per killowatt-hour ($0.196/kW-h). This means a house that spends $1,200 in a winter on natural gas would spend over $6,000 on electric resistance heat. But have you heard of the electric heat…


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